What’s so Great About Connecting Culture?

Whenever the subject matter of cross-cultural engagements comes to mind people are more often inclined to think of conflict rather than appreciation. Conflict may often be the case but it can be re-directed towards a more acceptable and respectable direction.

Why Culture Connexion?

Since our metropolitan life is becoming more globalised, the aim in any cultural engagement should be to nourish and expand the growing cultural awareness, acceptance, and interaction rather than capitalise on our differing views.

We, the participants in a multi-cultural environment must acknowledge the innate differences and diversities our respective cultures possess. Culture Connexion is a space where we recognise, appreciate, and celebrate the differences we exhibit. Because we believe that these cultural differences make a difference and we do not intend to downplay these differences but rather encourage them. As the saying goes, ‘we can agree to disagree.’

By providing such space we are enabled to explore the opportunity to discover what can better unite us. Unity happens not in the absence of diversity but in the very presence of it. So why not journey and celebrate with us as we explore, engage, and educate our respective cultures to show to our global community that cultural convergence without negating each other is not just possible but is already happening.

Shareable Cultural Elements 

Let us together promote the good and great things which our cultural worlds can offer. And these things may categorically fall somewhere between the ancient and the contemporary. The scope of our shareable elements can be imaginably vast. From film to music, from food to tourism, from language to arts, from work to hobby, and from business to cultural engagements. These are just glimpses of things to share.

Most often ‘the best’ and ‘the greatest’ are the things that any culture would want to share. We want to be known through our finest contributions. However, this approach narrowly limits our capacity to appreciate one another.

We at Culture Connexion believe that we should also share the things which are often considered ‘just good’ or ‘just great.’ We encourage that cultures should proudly and willingly share even the most mundane. It is only when most cultural elements are shared that our capacity to appreciate becomes more real, more alive, and more experiential.

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