Filipina singer defeats Jessie J in China’s singing competition

KZ Tandingan shines in Singer 2018
The Pinay artist wows the audience including the international superstar, Jessie J.

Filipina singer KZ Tandingan was well embraced by the Chinese audience in the latest episode of the Chinese singing competition “Singer 2018”.

The Philippine’s Soul Supreme emerged on top of the competition after beating world-renowned music artist Jessie J who stayed in the number 2 position. Not only did KZ Tandingan beat Jessie J and topped the competition, the Pinay singer also set a record as the first challenger to land in the number one position, a telling sign how the Chinese audience accepted the talent of the Filipino singer.

During the episode, KZ performed a jazz version of Adele’s hit “Rolling In The Deep”. A known “versionera”, KZ did not only turned Rolling in the Deep into Jazz but she also infused the song with Tagalog rap showing her musical prowess even further.

Part also of the episode is the conversation of KZ with her competitor and idol Jessie J. During their chat, KZ can’t help but turned fan as they exchange stories.

Meanwhile, prior to her stint in China’s Singer 2018, KZ is a mainstay of ABS-CBN’s musical variety show “ASAP”. She has also done several concerts and albums making her mark in the Philippine music industry. Her musical career started after she won another singing competition in the Philippines, The X-Factor Philippines in 2015.

Since then KZ has become one of the most sought-after singers in the country.

The Singers 2018

The Singers 2018 is the second season of Chinese reality singing contest “Singer”. The show is a rebranded version of “I Am a Singer” which airs on Hunan Television. Produced by Hunan Broadcasting System’s (HBS) Hong Tao, Singer 2018 is a weekly singing competition wherein singers are eliminated every week and a new challenger is introduced.

Currently, Philippines’ KZ Tandingan holds the top spot with Jessie J in the 2nd and Chinese singer Hua Chengyu in 3rd place. Hua Chengyu was the previous episode’s challenger and also the former number one. Other singers who are part of the show are China’s Wang Feng, Juno Su and James Li, Taiwan’s Angela Chang and Hongkong’s Tien Chong who was eliminated during the episode.


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