Pinoy contestant impresses Korean Pop Idols

Screenshot from M-Net Official YouTube Account

A contender from Philippines shocks the audiences, judges and celebrity guest boy band when she rendered “The Prayer” who sang both Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s parts.

The “I  Can See Your Voice” is a mystery game show originated in South Korea. The guest artist needs to identify if the contestants are skilled vocalist or tone-deaf without hearing them sing. The guest artist will only look at hints and judge their appearance if the person can sing well. The Tone-Deaf team will help the guest artist to choose who have an art in singing.

On the fifth season of “I Can See Your Voice”Korea ,  they have invited different contenders who recently joined on their international franchise. One of the contestant is Sephy Francisco, who joined the Philippines version of the TV show.

After the second round, guest artists Block B having doubts with Sephy’s lip synch performance. The audience and tone-deaf team convinced Block B to eliminate Sephy. With 60% votes from the audience, Block-B chooses Sephy to face the “Stage of Truth”.

The stage were set with small orchestra and a musical conductor. When Sephy started singing,  Block B, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Shindong, singer and TV personality Kim Jong-kook, the audience; were shocked and blown away after hearing her voice.

After her breath taking performance, she asked about her experience here in Korea. She replied that it is her first time to get a passport, a visa and to travel outside of the country. She also added that it was her first time to see and experience winter season and the snow. She became emotional when they asked why did she join. She replied that she want to help her family by sharing her talent because her family used to be very poor.

“I really want to pursue my dreams to be a singer and inspire others”, she added.

The video gained 3.1M views as of February 8. See her heart-felt performance by watching the it below.

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