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The Plight of Filipino Women Featured in The Guardian

The Guardian: How bitter herbs and botched abortions kill three women a day in the Philippines.

Claudine Spera of The Guardian just recently published an article and produced a short film about the sad and disturbing plight of women in the Philippines who do not use contraceptives. There are more than 65 per cent of them in the country.

The article, “How bitter herbs and botched abortions kill three women a day in the Philippines,” reports that an “estimated 610,000 abortions take place every year” despite the fact that ending pregnancy is against the law.

One would question why such practices and high figure of casualty could still exist when The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (or popularly known in our country as The RH Law) is already in place. Not to end unwanted pregnancy but to prevent it.

The article also mentions unsafe and ‘barbaric’ practices of dealing such unwanted pregnancies–the illegal sale of misoprostol (abortion pill); the practice of ingesting herb locally known as pamparegla (induces menstruation); and the method of inserting barbecue sticks or coathangers into their wombs. It further reports that “three women die every day from post-abortion complications in the Philippines.”

Spera’s article has been generating comments and debates which you might find ethically intriguing and morally engaging.

The opinions and resolutions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect the views of our group. But we find it imperative to make people aware that this is happening. We shared this on our space to raise the question further and perhaps encourage participation from our readers to help out people they might know who would consider doing the same ‘unlawful’ and ‘torturous’ practices mentioned by Spera.

Claudine Spera is a freelance journalist and film producer at The Guardian.

The short film was directed by Irene Baqué, an award winning filmmaker based in London. She specialises in gender equality and women’s rights issues. Irene was born and raised in Barcelona. To see her other works visit her official site.

How bitter herbs and botched abortions kill three women a day in the Philippines

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Video photo from The Guardian News – Meet the women helping Filipino women to access family planning

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