Back in Time at Trinity College, Cambridge

Sir Isaac Newton’s towering statue inside the entrance hall of the building.

One of the special experiences any visitor or tourist may treasure while in Cambridge is to visit college campuses that are open to public during summer. When I learned about this I decided to make a tour of one of the university’s historic colleges, Trinity College. So my colleagues and I tried our luck to see if Trinity was open. Fortunately it was.

The history of the college goes a long way back to King Henry VIII’s reign since he himself founded Trinity College in 1546. It is now more than 470 years old.

The college carries a gloriously strong academic tradition. From Sir Isaac Newton to Sir Martin Rees (still one of today’s rock star astronomer), the institution never fails to provide the world with super thinkers.

Furthermore, the intellectual powerhouse already produced 32 Nobel Laureates, mainly coming from the fields of Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine. Ernest Rutherford, Niels Bohr, and Bertrand Russell were some of the honourees I got acquainted with during college since we studied their works.

As I walk slowly on the hallways, corridors, pathways, and the lawns I cannot help but admire the institution’s intellectual achievements and world-changing contributions. With enough emotional curiosity and mental playfulness, you may actually feel what the environment looked like when those geniuses were still studying here.

Looking at the wide lawn, I asked myself which parts of it these great minds sat on. Which table in the dining hall did the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein eat at? Also, I cannot stop thinking about the fact that Isaac Newton, the father of classical mechanics and co-discoverer of the calculus studied here. I also thought of Ernest Rutherford, the father of nuclear physics. Streams of thoughts continue to pass through my mind.

Wandering about the premises, I wondered at the thought that somehow I was walking in the imagined footsteps of the giants.

To learn more about the institution, follow link Trinity College Cambridge

Images of Trinity College

Header Photo: Statue of Sir Isaac Newton
Multiple Photos: In and around the college
All photos courtesy of © Guwaphotos

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