Cambridge Manila: The Press’s Second Largest Office

The Successful Journey of Cambridge University Press Manila Office: From 10 to 360+

The reception area of Cambridge University Press, the Manila Office.

On the night of 27 June 2003, ten gentlemen gathered at a sporty restaurant somewhere within the Greenbelt mall. After a hearty meal the then Chief Technology Officer of Cambridge University Press stated his purpose why he gathered them that night. The purpose was to establish a software development office in Manila. One could say of this meeting as the informal start of Cambridge University Press Manila Office. Their success story may have begun that fateful night.

In the following month, the ‘first’ Manila office was already being constructed. Actual work also started. Four of these pioneers went to Cambridge UK to gather requirements for Manila’s first projects. This was the formal beginning.

This month of July marks the beginning of the 15th anniversary of Cambridge University Press Manila Office and this is their story.

THE LEVISTE YEARS: 2003 – 2008

Cambridge Manila started its operation at The Peak, in Salcedo Village, Makati City. It was here where the office gradually grew. It is also interesting to mention that the office transferred in three different floors in the span of almost five years. Each transfer was an expansion. However, the Manila office was still mainly if not purely a software development company.

THE RADA YEARS: 2008 – 2011

Due to their increasing number, they had to transfer to another location. The new building was chosen to accommodate growth. It was at this stage of Manila’s growth that two more groups began to function – Human Resources and Data & Content Services. The latter would play a uniquely important role for Manila’s growing significance in the Press’s global community.

THE PALANCA YEARS: 2011 – 2014

As already anticipated the Manila office had to make another move – this time to a much larger space. Three times the size of its previous workplace. Its growth seems to be unstoppable. It had become a ‘good’ problem for them. This period marked a significant turning point for Manila. Such that for those who have stayed long enough to witness its progress could rightfully say that this was a defining moment.

The Manila office has begun to function as a Regional Operating Headquarters (ROHQ). Through its new business identity the Manila office may now generate income by performing qualified services for the Press’s affiliates, subsidiaries, or branches globally.


Today, the Manila office has grown to 360 plus personnel with expertise in the fields of Information Technology, Digital Publishing, and Customer Services. They occupy two floors in their latest location. Combined space would accommodate 400 plus people. It was chosen with the anticipation and intention to grow beyond what they are now. Manila has become the Press’s second largest business operation globally (outside the UK Head Quarters).

For fourteen years the Manila office has remarkably made exceptional service and technological contribution to the fulfilment of the Press’s goals and objectives. And currently, they are making initiatives to developing new technological solutions and service innovations to meet the growing needs of their partners within the Cambridge community worldwide.

Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment are continually making investments to achieve their desired products and services that would enable current and future customers develop better online experience.

Moving forward, the Manila Team see themselves continually being defined by history, directed by purpose, and developed by people – these describe the dimensions of their significance in the global community that is of Cambridge.

Cheers to your success and longevity!

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