Filipina housewife gets standing ovation at the X Factor UK

Full-time Filipina housewife and mum, Neneth Lyon, surprised both judges and crowd at the auditions for The X Factor UK week 3. As she appears before the crowd Nick Grimshaw, one of the judges, asked her, “How are you?” She just honestly responded, “Nervous.” Nick responded back, “I can tell.”

And with that some people’s faces just seemed to show a sense of scepticism to say the least. It was even caught live on camera a comment made by an audience, “She’s terrified isn’t she?”

It was a smooth start for the Filipina contestant, nothing special yet. But when she reached half-way she just went on higher and higher and shone brighter and brighter without losing the quality of her voice. Simon Cowell was seen clapping even before she finishes the song. It was an amazing performance from the unassuming and timid-looking Filipina.

Nick Grimshaw commented:

“I loved it. And initially I was drawn in by your nerves, but then you came alive during that performance. You were like a different person. It was amazing. Thank you!”

And Simon Cowell added:

“When the song first started I thought.. maybe this is just a bit dated for our show. Then I just thought, ‘who cares.’ You are a brilliant singer!”

She received four YESes from the judges and she left the stage still sobbing. Neneth was originally from the Philippines who performed in bars and hotels during her younger years.

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