5 “Black Panther” connections to the Filipino Culture

Black Panther and the Filipino artistry
The details and patterns that connects to the Filipino Culture.

Filipino Marvel fans may have raved the greatness of its latest movie, the “Black Panther”. But did you know that the movie has an embedded Filipino connection to it?

Yes, you read it right, the blockbuster Hollywood film starring Chadwick Boseman and directed by Ryan Coogler has Pinoy connection. And those true blue Filipinos who has an eye for details can easily spot it.

From the man behind the visuals to the actual art pieces, Black Panther shouts Pinoy culture and artistry in it. Another great opportunity for every Pinoy to be proud of.

And while the film highlighted Black American power, Pinoy artistry was also embedded to it.

So here are some of the “Tatak Pinoy” things one can see in Marvel’s Black Panther.

  1. Black Panther’s Senior Visual Development Illustrator, Anthony Francisco is a Filipino.Anthony Francisco was born and raised in the Philippines before going to the US and worked with Marvel. He has in his belt some of the most popular Hollywood films. And some of these films include G.I Joe Retaliation, Superman Returns, Spider-Man, Men in Black II, Passion of Christ, Thor, and Guardians of the Galaxy among others.
  2. The Dora Milaje’s red and gold costumes were inspired by a fusion of both African and Filipino artifacts.Those red and gold costumes was very similar to the dress used by the Manobo tribe in the Philippines.
  3. The Tabards were partially inspired by the beading in friendship bracelets, which is another Pinoy thing.Friendship bracelets are in thing especially to Pinoy teens. These friendship bonds is not doubt a Filipino thing and making it as an inspiration for the Tabards makes it truly Pinoy.
  4. The pattern and the beading on Okoye’s tabard were inspired by a table runner in Francisco’s Filipino aunt’s house.Needless to say, Francisco is very well entrenched to his Filipino blood and the artistry he puts to the film bears the Filipino signature. 
  5. The gold rings on Okoye’s uniform are inspired “anting-anting”, a good luck charm in Filipino culture.Anting-anting is a very big part of Filipino culture. This amulets has been a subject of many Pinoy films and making it in Holywood is something special for this Pinoy good luck charm.

Here are some amazing artworks from Francisco:

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