American Kids tries Filipino Food, watch how cute they react

Filipino food takes the limelight where kids tried out some of the local favorites such as the Cispy Pata, Halo-halo, Dinuguan, Taho and the controversial Balut.

WatchCut Video on YouTube has been creating entertaining videos where they invite people to try on a challenge. And this time they have invited 7 American kids to do their dare. And though it hasn’t started yet, the kids were already throwing various totally adorable reactions!

American Kids tries Filipino Food
Cute kids trying different dishes from the Philippines.

One of the kids, took a big bite of Tuyo and said it was “Interesting” as he nods convincingly. While the other kids said it was “gross” and was shock that they have to eat the fish’s bones.

Most were even shock to find out that Dinuguan is actually pig’s blood and Balut has a whole baby duck inside – which they also have to eat.

A cute reaction form one of the kids.

In guessing what type of food they were eating, one thought that it was actually Korean food! But the little girl who looks like she has Filipino heritage, guessed right. She even liked most of the food served.

Whatever their reactions were, online users were gushing how cute the kids are. Some even said that their reactions are pure and raw which makes them even more amusing.

 A screenshot from the video.

Don’t know it the challenge or the kids cuteness got the video to raise over 2 million views… and still counting!

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