Harvard Alumni unveils wonderful things about the Philippines

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Nuseir Yassin is a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in Economics and Computer Science. This 25-year old Arab-Israeli leaves his six-figure job at Venmo as a software engineer to live his passion.

Last year, this vlogger established Nas Daily page on Facebook that features a one minute videos on different topics ranging from oldest university in the world to exploring different culture and exotic places.

Early last year, he spent eight days in the Philippines and created a vlog called “8 days in the Philippines in 8 minutes”. On his first day, he said that the Philippines is all about fun. Getting a taxi to the airport is fun. Boarding in an airplane is fun but disembarking on a plane is more fun when disembarking. Buying a new local SIM is fun. Hailing an Uber ride to the hotel is fun. Checking in at a hotel is fun. Buying burger at Mc Donald’s, coffee at Starbucks, Sub at Subway is fun. He mentions that if you ask somebody to smile, they will smile even the security guards at the mall.

On his second day, he focusses on the generosity of the Filipino people. He left is valuable items at the hotel together with his wallet and hit the street. Many people helped him in giving water, food and even shelter.

On his third day, he emphasizes that it is cheap here in the Philippines. A full tour to one of the island in the Philippines will cost you US$20. A haircut cost you US$1. Uber ride for one hours cost you around US$3. A romantic date for 2 is around US$15. This is what the worth of your money when spending it in the Philippines.

On his fourth day, he explores the beauty of the islands in the Philippines. From the heavenly view above and a calming scene on the water. There is also a beauty hidden under the water. From a school of small fish to a Japanese shipwreck, from salt water to fresh water that will satisfy your taste.

On his fifth day, he visited the famous Mayon Volcano. He describes this majestic volcano as a shy because it is always covered with clouds but underneath is a beautiful perfect cone. He mentioned that the tip of the volcano erupts every 3 to 5 years. Overall, he said that this is the most perfect human being nature can offer.

On this sixth day, he got serious with the different side of the Philippines by visiting the Trash Mountain or Smoky Mountain. He describes how the people live in this area.

On his seventh day, he gave hope to the people living below the poverty line. This is by feeding them with burger that cost only US$0.20 each. Where an average stay at a hotel in New York can feed 1,000 people without breaking your savings. He quotes, “Cheap means better tourism, but it also means that it is not hard or expensive to help those in need.”

That is how he unveils hidden jewels of the Philippines by connecting the culture of the Philippines and show it to the world.

Watch the entire video below and leave your comments.

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