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Mel worked as a technical writer for almost twenty years. His area of experience covers industries such as telecommunications, information technology, and publishing. He was part of the pioneering team who started Cambridge University Press in Manila. He dedicated 13 years of his professional life working for the Press.

He’s married to Zsa-Zsa. He loves the aesthetics. His photographs have been featured in magazines and calendars. He loves to watch sci-fi noir, and he thinks Blade Runner is the best sci-fi film ever. He free-dives. He has a special love for the sea. He has a passion for teaching.

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Social Media Strategy Officer
Jeph is the social media marketing and operations strategist here at the PH-UK. He also co-founded the group. Jeph is an experienced User eXperience Engineer, Front-end Web Developer, Email Campaign Manager, and Product Manager. He also worked for Cambridge University Press Manila for four years.

Outside work, he follows his passion as an amateur photographer. Beyond his urban nest, he usually escapes to places by the sea where few people go. Nature jaunting helps him refresh his creativity. He’s currently enrolled in both music and Muay Thai courses.

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Technical Systems Officer
Bert is the technical systems expert at the PH-UK. He has been in the information technology industry since the start of the Y2K bug. His professional experience covers various industries such as supply chain, automotive, publishing, and entertainment. Like his co-founders, Bert also worked for Cambridge University Press, spending 13 years of his corporate life.

Bert always finds inspiration in the works of Guy Kawasaki. He thinks of him as the best marketing strategist of our time. And when it comes to design innovation, he always looks up to Johnny Ive.

He always finds time to learn new things. And whenever he’s not studying he reads works of fiction and watches anim√© films and series, Korean drama television series, and sci-fi movies. He also owns a modest-size eatery called Pan-Pan.

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